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A list of activities and handouts from previous meetings and workshops can be found here.

What is a Math Teachers' Circle?

A Math Teachers' Circle (MTC) is an organization where local middle-school mathematics teachers meet with professional mathematicians in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. The focus of these highly interactive meetings is on enhancing reasoning and problem-solving skills. All participants actively engage in exploring different types of problems arising in a rich variety of contexts and practice strategies for solving them. The Mobile MTC is part of a growing national Math Teachers' Circles Network, a program developed by the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM). It is the first MTC in Alabama.

What are the goals of the Mobile Math Teachers' Circle?

The two primary goals of the program are:

1) To enhance middle school math teachers' problem solving and reasoning skills. By fostering the confidence to tackle open-ended math problems, middle school teachers become better equipped to initiate more student-centered, inquiry-based pedagogies in their classrooms.

2) To provide guidance, materials, and resources to middle school math teachers that will enable them to promote open-ended problem solving as a way of learning, thinking about, and practicing mathematics in their classrooms. Such an approach brings vitality and motivation to math classes.

The importance of teaching problem solving and reasoning is emphasized in the "Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice", recently adopted by the state of Alabama. The mission of the Mobile Math Teachers' Circle is to help teachers to implement these standards in the classroom.

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